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Joybaby Laundry Capsule Pods (1 box 2kg)

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Joybaby MIX Laundry Capsule Pods (1 box 2kg)

The reasons to buy
1) cheap, we purchase in bulk and therefore the bulk prices with cheaper price but did not lose quality
2) easy, when u put softener and detergent your hand will be in a mess. With this no longer having this issue. clean hands after each wash.
3) clean and neat, you no longer needed to buy detergent, softener and disinfectant. Do not need to keep so many items in the laundry room anymore 1 tub will solve all your clothing
4) smells good, One pod can be used up to 13 pcs of clothing. the smell will last more than 12 hours. depend on which pod you are using.
5) safe, you can use it on baby clothes too. We only choose safe ingredients in our capsule pods. What you are getting is a mixed of product, everything is produced in good and well.

*note we selling are selling the leftover from each batch of goods. therefore there is a mixed of smells and pod. But the ingredient and stuff are about the same. We source it from the biggest capsule pod manufacturer. So all the quality are ensured.

Cleaning Expert
-Multiple biological enzymes,
-Powerful cleaning protection,
-Restore the true color of clothes
-Seven layers of biological enzymes, eight times the cleaning power, 99.9% of bacteria and mites
-Natural enzymes imported from Denmark are used for directional decontamination of collars, underarms and cuffs, Sweaty underarms, sweaty neckline, dirty cuffs

No Optical Brighteners, No Phosphorus, No Preservatives, No Bleach

99.9% antibacterial and mites removal. Clothes will not dry on cloudy and rainy days. If you forget to dry the clothes after washing, the musty smell and odor are caused by the unwashed clothes, resulting in bacterial fermentation and odor.  Effectively remove the hidden stains and bacteria deep in the fiber, not afraid of rainy days, like a spring breeze in real time

85% of ordinary laundry detergent is basically water, and the water content in joybaby laundry beads is less than 7%

Compared with standard laundry detergent, the decontamination of laundry beads is stronger, the dosage is less, and the detergency is the same, the dosage is 1/8 of the laundry liquid

The raw materials used are sourced from world-renowned suppliers.  The collection of raw materials is based on the principle of sustainable development, respecting nature, healthy and environmental protection

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